Our Story

It was a bright windy day in June, and the sun was retiring for the day. The fisherman just finished pulling in the last few feet of their net after a fruitful catch outside the bay. As the men were out at sea many miles from home, they began to prepare for their seward night lone. Each of the men climbed into their hammocks dressed with linens and fabrics, blankets woven to remind them, while they slumber, of home. And as their boat gently rocked in the crests and wanes of the enormous sleeping sea, the fisherman lay comfortably sleeping with their hammocks keeping still… so they lay restful as can be!

It is these hammocks which the fishermen found ultimate comfort. Even on land when home, they brought this idea and spirit with them to share. Their families would then offer this newfound comfort to any guests they hosted at home for a restful night’s stay.

This is the inspiration behind Hammock Worldwide. Our history dates back to the 1980s, when one of our founders brought the fisherman spirit to their first hotel in Wildwood NJ. The founders young lives began in a fishing city with values based on the family spirit and innovative fisherman. Our hotels and spirit are based on traditional family values which they are raised… offering the utmost comfort and hospitality to all those who visit, even in the most modest homes.

The future is as bright as the North Star and the mid-day Sun… Hammock Worldwide has grown from the small beachside motel in Wildwood NJ to now hosting guests in about 1200 rooms for a peaceful night sleep. Hammock Worldwide: Your Place to Relax.

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