Our CleanHarbour Initiative.


Our CleanHarbour Initiative.

It is not only important, but vital to reduce our impact on our planet’s environment for future generations.

CleanHarbour Initiative | Hammock Worldwide Hotels & Resorts

With a focus on operating sustainably, our team is continuously working to reduce our energy use, carbon production, water usage, and waste generation. We are driven to reduce our environmental footprint… for the good of our hotels, our guest experience, and our impact on the community. This is our CleanHarbour Initiative.


“We know not the worth of water till the well is dry.” – Thomas Fuller

Water | CleanHarbour Initiative | Hammock Worldwide Hotels & Resorts

As part of our CleanHarbour Initiative, our hotels have committed to reducing water use in high focus areas. With new technology investments, such as high-efficiency fixtures, water conservation protocols, and innovative back-of-house equipment, each hotel has individually achieved the highest efficiency per-occupied-room to date. We continue on our efforts to innovate that will improve our guest experience, while we conserve each invaluable drop.

We sincerely appreciate each of guest, who utilize their option to help us conserve… by choosing to recycle, participating in the linen & towel re-use programs, and avoiding unnecessary water waste.

– Energy & Carbon –

On energy: actions speak loudest… So we’ve taken action

Reduce Carbon Emissions | CleanHarbour Initiative | Hammock Worldwide Hotels & Resorts

Prior to the publication of the CleanHarbour Initiative, each location has taken major steps to reduce their carbon footprint and conserve energy. All locations have undergone an LED-conversion program to demand less energy from the local grid. High-efficiency air conditioning systems, electronics, and back-of-house equipment, all play a huge role in helping reducing environmental impact. During low-season times, the hotels undertake energy-management steps to reduce unnecessary electrical use. And our work will not stop there as we explore other opportunities to conserve energy and further reduce environmental impact. We are currently exploring renewable energy options to further enhance the CleanHarbour Initiative.

Thank you to each of the team members whom work daily to monitor and reduce energy waste.  And to those guests who take steps to conserve energy, especially during their stay.

– Waste –

Reduce, Repurpose, and remove Waste.

CleanHarbour Initiative | Hammock Worldwide Hotels & Resorts

Food, general trash, and plastic containers are the biggest reasons waste is generated in the hotel industry. Each day, our hotel teams work with the CleanHarbour best practices to ensure minimal food waste enters the processing system. Most locations have a separate recycling management program in conjunction with local waste management companies. And the majority of plastics is either recyclable or minimal in the consumable supplies required to operate a hotel.

With the advancements and increased availability of reusable containers, it is our request to each team member, colleague, guest, and business partner to utilize reusable containers when possible.

-Read about 20 way you can bring CleanHarbour best practices home.

CleanHarbour Home Practices
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